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It was his birthday and she wanted to make it special. Besides, she had always had a fantasy where she was used and treated like a whore. They had played around with the idea several times but she really wanted to push herself this time. She wanted to know her limits, or at least find out that she didn’t have any, like she suspected.

When he got home, he found her dressed in a thin black evening dress and very high heals. The dinner table was set with candles and a plate of his favorite pasta. A glass of red wine rested next to two long lit candles. She stood next to the table, her head bowed.

He had gotten the email from her earlier in the day telling him what his “gift” was for the special occasion. He could not wait to get home and take advantage of her generosity. He mind would not stop going over the scenarios he had planned for his beautiful woman. He tried to contain his excitement as he sat down for his meal.

He ate in silence as she continued to just stand there, waiting for his next command. He enjoyed the wine and the view of the lovely lady. Her beautiful full breasts could be seen braless, stretching the thin material. Her legs look good enough to eat, which he might do later.

His glass was empty and as he put it down on the table he asked, “Why the hell is this glass empty?”

She immediately grabbed the bottle of wine and filled up his glass. She bowed and apologized for her ignorance and stepped back into position. He reminded her that he had not given her permission to speak and that his glass had better not be empty again.

Soon, he was done with his meal. He placed the plate on the floor and told her to lick it clean as punishment for letting his wine glass go dry. She obeyed, kneeling down and gliding her tongue over the cold plate, trying to make it completely clean. Like a dog, she tried to make it as clean as her master would wish. She felt a thrill inside of her as she knew things were starting to heat up.

While she licked the place, he got up and walked across the room. Removing his tie and unbuttoning his shirt, he notices her glance his way, her face hovering above the plate.

“Don’t you fucking look at me,” he whispered, scolding her.

She panicked and quickly aimed her eyes back to her plate and finished her task. The fear thrilled her. She felt she was starting to get wet and she hoped her master would be pleased.

When she was done, he told her she did well and commanded her to clean up the table. While she did that, he brought out some tequila and poured 4 shots glasses full. Once she was done cleaning, he called her over to him.

“Here,” he offered a glass. “Drink this. Don’t sip it. Shoot it down.”

She accepted his offer and, though she hated tequila, she shot it down like he said. She struggled with the aftertaste and made a face as the liquid warmed her insides. He took a shot along with her, then replaced her empty shot glass with another full one.

“Again”, he said.

She threw the second one back. This one was a little easier. She noticed that he replaced the empty in her hand with another full and she shot that one back as well, this time not waiting to be told so. He smiled. She felt so loved at that moment.

“Good girl. Now, take my wine and the candles down to the basement and wait for me.”

She bowed and did as she was told. He watched her as she walked. He could barely make out the faint outline of her tiny thong through her dress and marveled at her ass. He was so lucky that she took care of herself so well. She didn’t have a hint of fat on her and her ass was about as perfect as an ass could be. He felt his cock slowly growing and could not resist touching it. “Oh you are in for a treat this evening, my little friend” he thought.

She hadn’t eaten anything that day because she wanted to make sure she was as skinny as possible and as “clean” as possible. Now, she was beginning to think that was a bad idea because the tequila was hitting her already. She knew he did that because he wanted her to relax. But, since he gave her 3 shots, he was really going to test her and that got her even more excited. Her pussy was almost throbbing already and she was very wet. She wished she could touch herself to relieve the building pressure but she knew she would need to wait. He would be very upset if she did that without his permission.

She set the candles and the wine on a little table next to the sofa and waited for him to join her. He took his time and she knew he was doing that on purpose, probably to let the alcohol set in and probably just to tease her. It was working. Finally, she heard his footsteps and saw his shadow and knew the show was about to begin.

He walked in with a small bag, which he set down on one end of the couch. He had gone shopping and had some nice little surprises in store for his little whore. Stuff he wasn’t sure how to work yet, but he (and she) would soon find out.

He sat there for a moment, trying to figure out what he wanted to do next. He had never really done this before and he wanted to make it good for both of them. He knew that she was really putting herself into his hands and he didn’t want to compromise her trust. They had talked about these little “scenarios” before and they needed to both enjoy this, especially if it were ever to happen again. The hard part is, she wanted him to push her beyond her comfort zone and that’s not easy to do with someone you love, admire and respect. He didn’t want to hurt her in any way. Well, at least not permanently.

He sat back on the couch and told her to turn around so that her back was facing him. She positioned herself right in front of him and stood with her back towards him, just as he commanded. Then he ordered her to remove her dress, slowly.

Grabbing the bottom of the dress, she slowly raised it up, over her ass, up over her head. She tossed it aside and stood before him wearing only a thong and very high heals, her long blonde hair cascading down her back.

“Spread your legs a bit, slowly bend over and grab your ankles” was his next command. He was getting so turned on by telling her what to do. He watched as she slowly bent at the waste, running her hands down her thighs and down to her ankles. The muscles in her legs were tight and her ass was rock hard. Her thong barely covered her ass and pussy and he felt his mouth water as he admired her.

Grabbing a small leather flogger from his bag, he gently smacked it against her ass. She gasped as the sting of the second and third increased in intensity. The pain started to grow as did her excitement. He flogged her for a couple minutes, making sure to hit each cheek, leaving red welts. Her ass looked so good, all red and sensitive, with the little strip of thong.

“Take off your thong and give it to me,” he commanded. He stopped the flogging and allowed her to do as he asked. She grabbed her thong where it rested on each hip and slowly pulled down. She stepped out of it and held her offering back behind her for him to take, then she assumed her position with her hands on her shins.

He took her thong and held it to his face. He noticed how wet it was and he inhaled her scent. She smelled so good, he was ready to pounce on her, but he showed restraint and control. He looked closer at her now exposed pussy and noticed some of her juices had leaked out and were running down the inside of her left thigh. He liked this very much.

He removed his clothing, tossing them aside. “Come here and kneel between my legs,” he commanded. She immediately did as she was told. A thrill rushed through her because she was finally going to be able to touch him and she hoped he would let her taste him. She so desperately needed to drink his cum

Kneeling between his legs, he gave her permission to lick his cock…”but, slowly” he instructed. She leaned forward and gently touched the head of his cock with the tip of her tongue. As she flicked it, she watched it grow. It throbbed and pulsed with his heartbeat as it slowly grew harder and harder with her licking. She ran her tongue along the underside of his penis, using the wide part of her tongue, making sure to apply friction to that sensitive part just under the head. His moans told her that her expert technique was working.

She moved her mouth along the side of his cock and ran it along his smooth balls. He was cleanly shaven, so it made it easier for her. The smell of his sex was intoxicating and she just inhaled him, driving her tongue along and under his balls, licking every inch of him.

He was so ready to cum. Her mouth felt so good on his cock. He wondered what to do and decided that if he came now, he would be able to do it again shortly. He decided to see how many times he could actually cum that evening and figured that’s what she would want him to do since it was his birthday.

“Put it in your throat and suck it,” he commanded. She was so excited that he would let her that she immediately swallowed him as far as she could go, his cock almost causing her to choke. She wrapped her lips around the shaft and moved up and down slowly, lubricating it with her spit and sucking on it gently, her tongue pressed along the underside of cock. She felt him throbbing in her mouth and could not wait for that warm liquid to splash into the back of her throat. She had a hand on each of his thighs and moved her head up and down, concentrating on his pleasure.

In a matter of minutes, he began to feel the orgasm rising deep inside. She felt the head of his cock swell all of a sudden and tasted the first hint of cum. She prepared herself because she did not want to miss a single drop. He threw his head back and moaned out loud, then held his breath as the first shot hit her deep in her throat. She sucked harder and held her mouth over the top part of his cock, her tongue moving back and forth on his shaft, catching and swallowing each squirt of his yummy cum. She could tell he was cumming a lot and had a hard time swallowing it all, but she kept up and did her best. She felt so lucky and so proud that she could make her master cum so quickly and so hard.

“Okay,” he gasped. That was her queue to release him. The harder his orgasms, the more sensitive he was. “Good girl,” he said. “You did a good job. For that, I will allow you to have an orgasm. But, only one.” She watched as a drop of cum seeped from his shrinking cock. “There is a condition, though. You must keep my cock in your mouth and get me hard again while you play with yourself. You can’t cum until I tell you you can cum. Understood?”

She nodded her head and lowered her mouth on to his cock. She licked up the little drops of cum that were seeping out and then placed her lips around the base of his penis and started to gently suck on it. Then she took her right hand and moved it down to her pussy. She was surprised at how wet she was and a little embarrassed, but she knew her master would be pleased. Her clit was rock hard and as soon as her fingers found it, a shiver went through her body. She worried that she might cum too soon and increased the motion with her mouth. She so desperately needed to cum that her hand’s pace quickened as well, rubbing her clit hard and fast. Suddenly, without warning, her body shook from an intense orgasm. She was having a hard time breathing with his now erect cock in her mouth but she did her best. Then she remembered that she was supposed to wait until he gave her permission. As the orgasm passed, she knew she was in trouble.

He was always amazed at how quickly she could make herself cum. He knew there would be no way she would be able to control it and figured she would cum before he gave the order. Now, she must be punished. His excitement was evident as cock was about as hard as it could get.

“Did I say you could cum?” he asked. “Stop sucking and answer.”

She released his cock from her mouth and shook her head. “I’m sorry. I couldn’t…”

“Shut the fuck up,” he interrupted harshly. “Stand up.”

She stood up, facing him. He noticed her nipples were erect and he could smell her cum. Now it was time to punish her.

He stood up and walked behind her.

“You better fucking learn to listen to me,” he said. “You sucked me off so well, then you go and fuck up and make yourself cum before you were supposed to.”

He grabbed her long hair and yanked on it gently, but firmly. “Fucking slut!” Her head jerked back and she gave a small cry. Suddenly, she was afraid. Her heart began to beat harder and she got excited with the anticipation of what he would do next. She was scared, but turned on beyond belief.

He released her hair and went to his bag on the couch. He removed some small clamps and moved to the front of her. He grabbed her left breast and gave it a gentle squeeze, then pinched her erect nipple. She winced a little but stood her ground. He placed one of the clamps on to her left nipple, paying attention to her facial expression, concerned that it might hurt too much. He saw that she was in pain, but he could tell by her eyes that she liked it. He placed a clamp on to her other nipple and then stood back to admire his work. It looked painful to him, both nipples being tortured and pinched.

“How does that feel? Does that hurt?” he asked her.

“Yes, it hurts. I’m sorry I disappointed you, master,” she bowed her head.

“Good. But, I’m not satisfied yet. I’m not done.” He walked behind her and grabbed her arms, pulling her wrists behind her back. Taking a restraint from his bag, he bound her wrists together behind her. He made them tight, but not too tight. Again, he monitored her body language to make sure he wasn’t going too far. He reached around and slid a finger between her pussy lips and was pleased at how slick and wet she was. He knew all was well.

Taking one of the candles, he moved to her front again and held the candle over her right breast. He saw a brief look of fear on her face and a spark of excitement in her eyes. He was always amazed at her bravery and trust and loved that she were so willing to find that fine line between pleasure and pain. It excited him to excite her so much, as was evident in his throbbing cock.

He tipped the candle down slowly and watched as a few drops of melted wax dropped on to the top of her right breast. She winced immediately, sucking in her bottom lip between her teeth. He saw her skin turning red under the hardening wax. He moved the candle over her other breast and dropped some more melted wax on that breast. He moved back and forth between her breasts, using both candles. Her breasts were soon covered in melted wax. Her skin was all red and small tears appeared in her eyes, her breathing harder than earlier.

He stepped back and admired his work. Her breasts, the nipples in clamps and covered in wax were all red and looked painful. He decided that she was doing a great job and he should reward her with more orgasms. He put the candles down, wiped the tears from her eyes and reached down to her pussy. Somehow, it was even more wet than it was before. Apparently she was really getting into this.

He forced her onto her knees and bent her over the edge of the couch. He got behind her and flogged her ass a little bit more, adding to the red welts that were there from before. He didn’t hit her as hard, but it was hard enough to make her cry out and leave her flesh even more red.

She could not believe how turned on she was. Her breasts hurt like hell at first, but the pain was now just a dull ache. Her ass felt like it was on fire and she hoped that he would finish soon and fuck her. She needed him so bad at this point. She started to believe that she would cum just from his flogging, she was so turned on. She briefly thought something must be wrong with her, but the tequila shots she had earlier and the pain on her ass and breasts broke her concentration and wouldn’t allow her to diagnose herself further. She was lost in the beautiful pain.

He stopped the flogging and rubbed his hand on her pussy. She immediately moved her hips back to his hand, begging for more.

“Don’t,” he commanded. “Just stay still. You’ll get yours if you behave.”

She immediately relaxed her body and didn’t move. She knew he was going to let her cum now and she was ready.

He reached into his bag and pulled out a large vibrator. He twisted the end and he heard its humming and felt the vibration as the toy worked as advertised. She saw what he was doing and heard the vibrator, and started to get even more excited.

He placed the vibrator on to her clit and within seconds she was having an orgasm. Her body rocked and shook and he saw her cum leaking out of her puffy pink lips. He kept the vibrator on her clit and she soon had a second orgasm. More of her juices leaking out and soaking the vibrator.

She could not believe how deep the pleasure was. She felt it in places she never had before. All the pain had heightened the sensations in her body and she almost passed out because she had stopped breathing. She was almost relieved when he removed the vibrator because she felt she would really black out.

He gave her a few minutes to recover. His cock was twitching and he was ready for more action. He gently inserted his cock into her pussy, sliding it in very slowly, filling her. She was so wet that he moved very easy, even though she was extremely tight. He was always amazed at how tight her pussy was and he considered himself the luckiest man in the world.

Moving in and out of her slowly, he enjoyed her heat. His hands were on her hips and he leaned back so he could watch her pussy swallow his cock. Her opening was stretched, accommodating him. He pushed in as far as he could go and saw her wetness all over him when he pulled back.

He decided to untie her wrists, which relieved her.

“Rub your clit,” he commanded.

He felt her fingers below, frantically rubbing her clit. He kept up his pace, slowly moving in and out. He took a finger, got it wet with her juices, and then slowly inserted it into her ass. He could not resist and he wiggled it in and out, opposite strokes to his cock. He felt her pussy tighten suddenly as she had another orgasm. She got so tight that he had to be careful he did not get squeezed out. He was again amazed at her tightness.

He slowly removed his soaking wet cock from her pussy and placed it at the opening of her ass, replacing his finger. He noticed her rubbing had stopped, probably in anticipation of his cock filling her. He grabbed her hip with his left hand and guided the head of his cock into the tight opening of her ass with his right. It was always hard getting in at first. Once the head was in, he paused to make sure she was ok, then he slowly slid the rest of his cock into her ass. He saw her hands clench up at first, but soon released as he moved in and out slowly. He took some lube and placed some drops on his cock just to make sure there wasn’t too much friction or pain for her.

She loved it when he was in her ass. She had hoped he would fuck her that way. It made her cum like no other way could. She was the type that could cum easily, but there was something about having him deep in her ass that drove her nuts. She had been thinking about it all day. Now, he was gliding in and out and the brief moment of pain was overtaken with extreme pleasure. Her senses were on fire. She could not believe how much she had cum already and thought it wasn’t fair since is it was HIS birthday, not hers. She would make sure that he got his, but she was confident he would anyway.

She could hear his breathing getting louder with every thrust. She thought she could feel his heartbeat through his cock. Her hand went back to her clit and she rubbed a bit more. It was so sensitive.

He watched his cock disappearing into her beautiful ass. He thought how lucky he was and he knew all his friends were so jealous of him. He knew that they would all kill just to be doing what he was doing right then. He saw her start to rub her clit.

“Stick a finger in your pussy,” he said. “Finger-fuck yourself while I fuck you in the ass.”

She slid a finger between the wet lips and probed her hot hole. It felt good, especially with him so deep in her ass. She joined the one finger with another, then another. She loved to feel her pussy when it was so wet and the sensation was just amazing.

He saw her violating her pussy and couldn’t hold back anymore. She felt his cock grow to an amazing size, like it always does just before he cums. Then, she felt him pulse as hot cum shot deep into her ass. This was too much for her and she came again, her hand soaked with her juices. He pulled his cock out and finished himself off with his hand. She was just too tight and he was too sensitive. His last couple squirts landed on the small of her back and stretched ass. He was breathing heavy and was a little light headed and his balls were aching from the intensity of his orgasm. He lay down, his back on the floor, trying to regain his composure. His eyes were closed.

He felt her mouth on his twitching cock She licked him clean, trying to get at least a little taste of his cum before it was all gone. She hated to waste it. When his cock was nice and clean and shrinking down to normal size, she carefully removed her nipple clamps and joined him on the floor, resting her head on his shoulder. She was at peace as his arm came around and held her to him. She felt him kiss the top of her head and she lay there knowing that she please him. She was in a little pain and knew that would subside. It would be a wonderful reminder of their latest adventure together.

They fell asleep like that. Eventually, he woke up with her gently playing with his worn out cock. To his surprise, it immediately got hard again. She climbed on top of him, her pussy over his mouth, her mouth over his cock. They used their mouths on each other until they both enjoyed orgasms.

That night, as he fell asleep, he wondered what he should do for her birthday. She gave him the ultimate gift and now, being the competitor he was, he would have to find a way to get an even better gift for her on her birthday. He hoped his dreams would supply the answer.

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Aloha Ninja,
self sex is safe sex!  Also , busting out the ‘reflections’ theme.  there were many, many, pictures taken this session, perhaps others will be exposed in the future.  -somethingaboutseduction

Very sexy, I really like the light shining over you, and it’s a bit confusing how you took this mirror shot without the camera being seen. Quite impressive, nice work lady. Thanks for showing off your safe sex practice and sharing it with us. 


Aloha Ninja,

self sex is safe sex!  Also , busting out the ‘reflections’ theme.  there were many, many, pictures taken this session, perhaps others will be exposed in the future.  -somethingaboutseduction

Very sexy, I really like the light shining over you, and it’s a bit confusing how you took this mirror shot without the camera being seen. Quite impressive, nice work lady. Thanks for showing off your safe sex practice and sharing it with us.